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MEDRIX is breaking new ground in providing nursing professionals in Hanoi and Hue, Vietnam with the knowledge and expertise to give top-level nursing diagnosis and care to thousands of Vietnamese and international patients.

MEDRIX has sponsored classes that teach nursing process and nursing management of the patient since 2010. IMG_0357Thousands of people have already received the benefits of increased nursing care and diagnosis as a result of these classes, and the effects will continue to be exponential.

In October 2015, MEDRIX modified our nursing program to cover essentials of nursing leadership in a workshop titled “Habits of Highly Effective Nursing Leadership,” and piloted the new program in Hanoi and Hue with huge success. Two follow-up workshops detailing the importance of policies and procedures for patient safety were implementedIMG_0467 in March and November 2016, also with much enthusiasm. As a result, the nursing professionals we work with have requested more medical/conversational English courses to better serve a growing population of international and foreign patients at their hospitals. You can read about the first course, led by Ms. Pham Thi Thu Ha in late 2015 here.


Here is an excerpt “from the field”, from Kelly Lenart and Ashley Doherty, two nurses who represented MEDRIX for professional nursing assessment classes in 2012:

What a great experience we’re having. Representing MEDRIX is such an honor; the hospital is as excited to have us as we are to be here.  

We are amazed by the pathophysiology and anatomy knowledge of our nurses. The students’ thirst for more knowledge is contagious.

We’ve heard from several nurses that “only doctors and charge nurses carry stethoscopes.”  We find ourselves reiterating the fact that the hospital wants them to learn this skill.  

A few of the nurses have even said that after our class, they feel like they could be doctors!  That is a long ways away, but we took that as a compliment, as we are working hard to provide everything to our nurses.

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Volunteer today! We are looking for nursing volunteers to teach nursing process–trip dates may be flexible depending on our volunteers’ availability. Send your Travel Application and resume/CV to Contact us for more information.