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In the past children in Vietnam with disabilities were considered outcasts and not worthy of an education or individual attention, even attention at home. Children with hearing, speech, and languageMrs. Shere and the boy (2)   challenges such as autism were labeled as invalids and are still often considered unteachable, unable to comprehend or learn. MEDRIX and our colleagues at National Children’s Hospital’s Department of Special Needs know this is not true, and that community education is part of the key to unlocking the potential inside every child.

Early detection and diagnosis is important to give children on the autism spectrum the chance for a happy childhood and a fulfilling future.

Global Impact of Autism Education

Our strong collaborations in the US and Vietnam promote rapid change at a community level, shape public policy, and foster life-long professional development and relationships. This collaboration promotes global understanding and acceptance of autism in a culturally sensitive manner. Most importantly, MEDRIX provides a voice and a future for all children with autism spectrum disorders. We have been honored by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam for our efforts, and recognized by the Vietnam Psychiatric Association for our outstanding autism education program contributions.IMG_1903

Our Approach and Partnerships for Change

✣ MEDRIX believes the key to creating real change is engaging local development of professionals who go on to share their knowledge with other doctors, nurses,  psychologists, teachers, community activists and parents in rural areas.

✣ MEDRIX strongly believes in “Training the Trainers”, a World Health Organization-approved approach to sustainable development in health education.IMG_6137

✣ The “Train the Trainer” model creates a network of people all around Vietnam who care deeply about children with autism spectrum disorders and who collaborate  together to promote policy change and  create a better future for all children, regardless of disability or financial status.

✣ MEDRIX recruits highly qualified U.S. educators to volunteer their expertise and work closely with our Vietnamese colleagues to better identify, diagnose and treat autism spectrum disorders in children. Our volunteers have included professionals from the University of Washington and Biola University as well as special needs educators.

Are you interested in volunteering your skills and experience to collaborate with MEDRIX and make a difference in the lives of children in Vietnam? Contact us today!