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Medical and Health Education

MEDRIX works with local partners in Vietnam such as Hue Central Hospital, National Children’s Hospital and Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy to provide education in the Medical/Health field. We’ve sponsored classes in Nursing Process and Leadership, Autism Education, English Medical Terminology, Psychiatric Education, and Pediatric Training. To learn more click here.

Safe Water Development

Early on in our work in Vietnam, MEDRIX realized there was a crucial need to provide safe water and hygiene education to improve people’s health, especially in rural areas. To learn more about our efforts to improve the sanitation and safe water development in rural areas of Vietnam, click here.

Mapping with GIS

Using mapping to pinpoint where great health and resource needs exist, MEDRIX was one of the early users of GIS open source mapping in the healthcare sector in Vietnam. To learn more about out GIS program, click here.

Heart Surgeries for Children and Young Adults

MEDRIX sponsors surgeries for disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam living in poverty when their family can’t afford to cover the medical expenses.  To learn more click here.