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We’re Thankful for You: 22 Heart Surgeries Sponsored in 2016

By November 29, 2016No Comments

The MEDRIX team and our colleagues at Hue Central Hospital, where the heart surgeries are sponsored

‘Tis the season…the holidays are upon us, and what an amazing year 2016 has been! Thanks to your generosity and support, MEDRIX was able to sponsor 22 life-saving heart surgeries this year: TWENTY TWO!! This was an unexpected but very appreciated gift that simply wouldn’t be possible without you.  The MEDRIX team and all of our partners and colleagues in Vietnam would like to sincerely thank you for all of your support.


MEDRIX team member listens to Vinh’s heart defect

It is impossible to share the real impact that your donations have had on the lives of so many people in Vietnam, because the reach is truly exponential. Healthy kids with healthy hearts are able to begin or complete their education, opening up so many opportunities not only for themselves, but also for their siblings, parents and grandparents. Healthy adults who receive life-changing heart surgery get a new lease on life and the chance to better support their spouses and children to achieve their own dreams. In a way, this is even more meaningful: adults who have lived with congenital heart defects into adulthood have suffered tremendously and faced many setbacks. Your gift dramatically changed their lives, and they will never forget your generosity, and the life they left behind the day they finally received surgery.

We’d like to share a bit about one of our adult heart surgery recipients in 2016 before inviting you to take a look at ALL of the people whose lives you’ve changed through your donations. Each person has their own unique story, and we are honored to share a bit of Vinh’s story with you now.


Thao listens to her husband Vinh’s heart

Vinh is a 40 year old father of three children living with his wife and family in rural Phu Vang District in Central Vietnam. He is an ocean fisherman, working off the coast of the East Vietnam Sea and making a very decent living with his hard work, enabling his wife Thao to stay home and take care of their children and home. But eventually Vinh started to feel more and more fatigued, having difficulty breathing and often wheezing. When he was finally diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, a heart defect that can develop at any age, Vinh became very scared.

Vinh and his wife Thao were afraid that if he were to die from his heart defect, his children would be forced into the workforce with their mother and never complete their education. This is a common setback in multigenerational

Vinh after surgery

Vinh after surgery

families with a sick family member, especially living in rural or impoverished areas. When talking to the MEDRIX team, Vinh began to cry talking about his children and imagining the impact it would have if he died from his heart defect. They would not only be heartbroken without their father, but be forced to start work and quit school. Thanks to the generosity of MEDRIX donors and our partnering organizations, the cost of Vinh’s surgery was sponsored completely!

He received surgery in early April, and was discharged only two weeks later in good condition. His children will be able to pursue their own dreams and finish their education instead of working to support their family in their childhood, and Vinh and Thao now have a long and healthy future ahead of them to enjoy together.

Vinh’s story is a great example of the far-reaching impact of heart surgery sponsorship that can’t always be seen by the donors. We thank all of our partners in Vietnam for helping us provide these sponsorships, and thank all of our donors worldwide: without your caring heart, our programs would not be possible.

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