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Over the years, MEDRIX has been honored to serve the people of Southeast Asia with medical, education and development projects. We often get feedback and encouragement at the time of our projects, but it has been rare to be able to personally follow up with our recipients. In early 2014, MEDRIX was thrilled to reconnect with Kieu, who underwent life changing heart surgery in 2011. Copy of thuy kieu 1

Kieu’s story was especially touching given her dedication to her education and hope for a better life. Kieu was a 16 year old girl who was an excellent student when she started getting very fatigued and tired. After being diagnosed with a heart disorder, Kieu was devastated, imagining having to drop out of school and live  a meager life. Thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters like you, MEDRIX was able to sponsor Kieu’s entire heart surgery! Her incredible story does not end there though.

After surgery, Kieu was weakened and hesitant. Her mother grew fearful that Kieu would not be able to handle the burdens of schooling, especially the 11 km bicycle ride each way to the school. This was naturally impossible for Kieu right after surgery. MEDRIX was committed to helping this girl achieve her dreams of college, and personally contacted Kieu’s mother to encourage her to keep Kieu in school and arrange for alternate transportation until her strength was built back up.

Kieu is happy to be back to school

Kieu began commuting with a classmate via bicycle until her strength had returned, and she was able to again make the 11 km trek to school on her own. Talk about dedication! Kieu is now a 19 year old student at Hue Medical College, studying to be a pharmacist. Her goal is to finish school and be able to support her family.

Kieu’s is just one of the many amazing stories about how the power of hope and the generosity of donors like you, thousands of miles away, can make a huge difference in the life of a child in Vietnam. Please continue to help MEDRIX support kids like Kieu, and please click on the link below to hear Kieu and her mother talk about her incredible ordeal.  

Click here to hear Kieu’s story in her own words!

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