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Thanks to the support of MEDRIX donors and partners, another community health workshop has wrapped up and its participants are eager to share their new knowledge within their communities! Recently health workers from Phu Loc District participated in a workshop that demonstrated how to 3safely care for expecting mothers and their newborns, especially regarding immunization schedules. This is so crucial because immunizations are the first line of defense against disease and illnesses, especially in rural areas of Vietnam where there isn’t always safe water or sanitation. Newborns are especially vulnerable, and health workers are eager to expand their professional knowledge to better care for the littlest members of their community.

The Center for Preventative Medicine of TT Hue Province, in partnership with Chan May Hospital in Phu Loc District, recently completed a workshop that coaches health workers on how to counsel new 7mothers on the importance of immunizations and other newborn health concerns. Health workers are specifically targeting the importance of newborns receiving Hepatitis B immunizations within 24 hours of birth. The purpose of the workshop is to reinforce the knowledge of the health workers about the prevention of Hepatitis B and how to safely administer immunizations, manage any reactions post-immunization, and counsel the mother on the importance of staying on the recommended immunization schedule to avoid disease and illnesses. MEDRIX community health flipbooks were also utilized to describe how to counsel mothers on pregnancy health, sanitation, nutrition and immunizations.

The training workshop was instructed by the facilitators from the department Infectious Disease 1Control of Center for Preventative Medicine and the Emergency Department of Chan May Hospital.

At the workshop the participants also shared their personal experiences in managing patient reactions and how they follow up with the mothers and newborns after the immunization. The participants said this training workshop is very important for the health workers who are in charge of the immunization administration, and to understand how to best protect mother and child. The Director of Chan May Hospital, pictured to the right, stated, “The workshop like this need to be held more frequently to help the health worker the review the knowledge and share their experiences.”

Thank you to our donors for their generous support for workshops like this! They are crucially needed in many areas of Vietnam, and the health workers who participate are very eager to expand their knowledge and better serve their patients!

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