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The holidays are almost upon us, challenging us to ask ourselves, What am I thankful for? This inevitably leads us to think about all of the people who do not have all that we do, and what their lives are like without the basic necessities.

Little Tran before surgery, looking very eager

Little Tran before surgery, looking very eager

This year, MEDRIX is thankful for you! Your generous donation helped make a huge difference in the lives of children seeking life-saving heart surgery and their families. Because of your help, they were able to begin leading normal and healthy childhoods, with bright futures ahead of them.

These young children may never remember a life before heart surgery, but their parents and family members most assuredly will. They will always remember the fear they felt when they realized their child needed serious surgery that they could not afford, and they will always remember the hope they felt once the surgery was deemed successful. These children now get a new lease on life, filled with health, education, and hope, because of your generous donations. They will hopefully never again struggle to breathe, or gain weight, or make it through a school day. They won’t have to remember life before their heart surgery, or dream about having a normal, happy and healthy childhood. They will now be able to live it.

Your contribution has made a huge difference in the life of children and families. Thank you for your generous donation and for supporting MEDRIX. Please consider helping us again to sponsor life-saving heart surgeries in 2015. We are very thankful for your help in saving and changing lives in Vietnam! 

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