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17 year old Kpiuh Hieu was facing a life of uncertainty and poor health: with heart pain and extreme fatigue and weakness, his future looked bleak. Kpiuh belongs to the Gia Rai ethnic minority group that live in rural villages in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Without the ability to perform any manual labor due to his heart defects, Kpiuh’s role in his community and ability to seek a better life was precarious.  Kpuih Hieu 2

Thanks to the great support of MEDRIX donors, Kpiuh was able to receive corrective heart surgery in January and was discharged from the hospital on February 4th! He was discharged just in time for Vietnam’s large TET celebrations for Lunar New Year. Because of your generous donations, MEDRIX was able to partner with other organizations in Vietnam to provide a better life for children like Kpiuh, who now have hope for the future.

Kpiuh and his family extend their sincere thanks to MEDRIX donors, and thank you for giving him a new life. His TET celebration will be even brighter and happier this year than ever before!

For the month of February, MEDRIX is asking you to consider making a special donation to support our heart program. Our Executive Director LaRelle Catherman will be traveling to Vietnam in March to interview families who have children in desperate need of corrective heart surgery: our goal is to change the lives of 20 children this year. Please support MEDRIX in making a difference and share your heart with the children of Vietnam this Valentine’s Day! Visit our GlobalGiving project page to learn more about where your donation dollars go and give a very special gift today: the gift of life!

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