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MEDRIX is honored to be able to provide life-saving heart surgery sponsorship for children in need. In 2015, we’re expanding our sponsorship opportunities to include adults who also suffer from congenital heart defects or otherwise need heart surgery in order to live a healthy and productive life. The need is great: many adults who suffer from heart defects have lived most of their lives in spite of their illness, but simply cannot continue without surgery any longer. They have experienced the very gap that MEDRIX aims to close for young children with heart defects: an opportunity gap that is created through unequal access to medical care due to financial issues. These adults try to earn a living and take care of their families in spite of their heart condition, until it is too great to ignore any longer.

MEDRIX is providing heart surgery sponsorship for 7 new patients in 2015, all thanks to YOUR generosity and support! 4 of the patients are young children, and 3 are adults: all are very excited to return home to their families. So far, one patient named Phan Hoai Anh has undergone heart surgery to correct minor defects, and the surgery was deemed “very successful”. In fact, little Anh has already been discharged!

MEDRIX appreciates the kind thoughts and support of all of our donors and partners. We could not serve the children and families of Vietnam without you! Check out some cute pictures of little Anh below, and stay tuned for more heart surgery updates!

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