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Good News – heart surgery

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Good News from the mother of one of the MEDRIX Heart kids. Please take the time to read  the entire letter and get a sense of the emotion expressed by this mom – try to put yourself in her shoes.

I am the mother of Phan Phuoc Duc Anh who was born on August 24, 2012. My Son is the patient of Pediatric Cardiology Department – Hue Central Hospital

My son received the help from the doctors of the Cardiology Department and the Pediatric Cardiology Department of Hue Central Hospital, and the surgery was a success.

Due to the family’s difficult economic conditions, the child suffered from a serious desease that need costly surgery and treatment. My family cannot afford to pay for his surgery cost. I received devoted care and help of the doctors and nurses for my son. They helped to find the donors and sent out the applications everywhere to raise funds to pay for my child’s hospital fees. Finally, I received help from the non-profit organization MEDRIX, which sponsored a large amount of hospital fees for my child. I’m so happy and being touched, I don’t know what else to express my GRATITUDE. I would like to send my deepest thanks to the non-profit organization MEDRIX, the Board of Directors of the hospital, the surgeons and the doctors of the Pediatric Cardiology Department of Hue Central Hospital for creating conditions to support my family. We hope that the Non-Profit Organization MEDRIX will help more and more children and families in difficult circumstances suffering from serious diseases. Finally, I would like to wish the Donors, the hospital Board of Directors and all the doctors and nurses of the Pediatric Cardiology Department good health, happiness and much success in their professional careers!

Sincerely Thanks!

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