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Exciting New Heart Surgery Update!

By September 10, 2015No Comments
Nguyen Hoang Hung 4

Hung has a full and healthy life to look forward to after heart surgery

Because of you, MEDRIX has been able to sponsor five heart surgeries for deserving children and adults in Vietnam–and ALL of them have been successful! Five more families are able to look forward to a happy and healthy future without being held back by heart defects. And recently MEDRIX was able to sponsor a sixth heart surgery for one little boy who’s been waiting for 3 years…thanks to your generosity!

Nguyen Hoang Hung with mom in 2012

Hung and his mom in 2012: she was very worried about his poor health and young age

3 1/2 year old Hung was originally scheduled for surgery back in 2012 and MEDRIX donors agreed to cover the cost. But his poor health and hemophilia caused fear for his family and doctors that he might not survive or recover from the surgery at such a young age. His family has been waiting and trying to get little Hung healthy enough for surgery, hoping that when the time came, they would again be able to receive financial support for the surgery.

The generosity of our donors and supporters like you gave MEDRIX the possibility to once again reach out to Hung’s family and offer our help. We were so excited to hear from them again, and to be able to provide the resources they required for his surgery! It simply wouldn’t be possible without your support, and we sincerely thank you for helping MEDRIX improve the health and quality of life for kids in need, like Hung. He waited a long time for surgery but looks like a happy and excited guy now!

Hung is very happy to go home after surgery!

Hung is very happy to go home after surgery!

Hung underwent life-changing heart surgery in late June 2015. Hung’s surgery was successful, and he is now recovering at home with his loving family! He will now be able to attend school when he’s older and live out a healthy and happy childhood just like other children. This future filled with hope wouldn’t have been possible without YOU! Thank you for your generous gift that went directly to helping save lives like Hung’s.

Thank you for your generosity, your commitment, and your support for MEDRIX to help children and families in Vietnam! Together, we can make a difference and provide a lifetime of health, happiness and hope to families in need.







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