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MEDRIX and the Center for Preventative Medicine in TT Hue Province provide community health training workshops for teachers and parents. These workshops have been ongoing for several years, and strive to share basic community health standards and techniques such as drowning or choking hazards, 2epidemic prevention or safe water usage. The goal of these workshops are to keep kids and their families healthy and to avoid preventable but serious illnesses. Our most recent courses finished up in late December.

Our partners in Vietnam report that upon completion of the course, 66 preschool teachers were adequately trained to provide breathing exercises related to choking or drowning, first aid for burns or wounds, and how to help young children with personal hygiene such as handwashing.

Teachers were also trained how to prevent the GI diseases related to unsafe water and environment sanitation…The Preschool teachers are very serious in studying, working hard to complete assignment and don’t mind to travel long way to join the class on time. The District office for education and training and the leadership of preschools are very interested in the content of the training. The teaching team was supported by the location authority in cooperation in the class organization and sending all the participants to participate to the training course.

8It is because of our generous donors and supporters that MEDRIX is able to continue sponsoring community health projects like this, and we sincerely thank you for your help! In the next few months, there will be many safe water systems being installed in preschools and health clinics, just in time for summer. Safe water to drink will help keep kids and their families healthy and hydrated in the heat. The systems that MEDRIX and our partners are purchasing also meet the highest standards of the EPA, the World Health Organization, and the standards of the government of Vietnam. On behalf of the many kids who will have a healthy summer and school year to look forward to, we thank you!

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