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Summer is finally here! Kids are excited to have a break from school, but no school also means that they might not have easy access to something that we often take for granted: safe drinking water2012 School Water Projects-77 CROP

In rural Vietnam, there are many obstacles to accessing safe water to drink and cook with. It is time-consuming and can be expensive to ensure that families have the fuel, such as firewood, that is needed to boil water until it is safe for consumption. A family could spend all day boiling the amount of water needed to cook meals and stay properly hydrated in the hot summer months. Additionally, all that smoke negatively affects the environment and the respiratory health of people, especially young children. 

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, MEDRIX is able to sponsor the installation of 31 LifeStraw safe water systems in preschools, primary schools and health clinics throughout rural areas of Thua Thien-Hue Province, Vietnam. Even when school’s out, local clinics remain a hub for activity. Safe water systems placed strategically throughout the community gives local people the opportunity to easily access drinking water that is free from bacteria and waterborne illnesses. The water systems placed at the schools will provide local kids with regular access to safe water, keeping them healthy and hydrated in 2012 School Water Projects-59the hot months. 

The water systems that MEDRIX and our partners have chosen through the company LifeStraw meet the highest standards for the EPA, the World Health Organization and the health standards of the government of Vietnam. Installation will be complete in the next few weeks, so please make sure to check back here and on our Facebook page for more updates and new photos! The installations will be followed up by community health workshops throughout Central Vietnam to reinforce safe water and hygiene standards that are necessary for health and 2012 School Water Projects-108 TWITTER CROPreduce the spread of GI and waterborne diseases. Over time, practicing health habits like frequent hand washing and drinking only safe water will become routine, and rural communities will see fewer preventable diseases and illnesses. Kids will be able to stay in school instead of frequently being sick from diarrheal illnesses caused by waterborne bacteria.

All of these things wouldn’t be possible without you! Our supporters make a real difference in these communities in Central Vietnam, and the impact will continue far into the future. We sincerely thank you for partnering with MEDRIX to benefit kids and families in Vietnam! 

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