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Diseases such as diarrhea are major killers for children under five, and the solution is sometimes as simple as a bar of soap! MEDRIX works diligently to share community health and hygiene practices in rural villages in Vietnam, as well as overseeing installation of hand-washing stations in preschools and primary schools. Take a look at some of our favorite photos from MEDRIX health and hygiene programs below, and learn what you can do globally to help encourage hand-washing!

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MEDRIX is very excited to continue our ongoing Autism Education Workshop in Vietnam right now! MEDRIX is partnered with National Pediatric Hospital. Together we collaborate to bring new knowledge regarding autism diagnostics and therapeutic techniques to rural doctors, nurses, psychologists, early childhood teachers, and community members! Current MEDRIX travelers include Shere Hawk, a special needs […] Read more

Little Vu was discharged from the hospital on March 31 of this year, and continues to be thriving! Recently his mother took Vu, now six months old, to Hue Central Hospital for a check-up, and was thrilled to learn that he is recovering very well! Since the surgery was completed successfully, he has gained 3 […] Read more

A small sample of the thousands of photos captured during various MEDRIX Study Abroad trips. Below are images from our most recent trip with Northwest University!  You can see more images on our Facebook page at         Below are some of our favorite images from previous Study Abroad trips!   Read more

A collection of images from recent medical trips to Vietnam. Trips include community health, Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) courses, autism research trips, and nursing process. Read more

View some of our favorite images from our trips to Vietnam. Read more