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Summer is almost gone and it’s time for kids to head back to school! MEDRIX has committed to installing 31 LifeStraw safe water systems in preschools and clinics in rural Vietnam this year, and thanks to your generosity, the installation will begin NEXT WEEK! But we don’t stop at installing necessary equipment like drinking and handwashing stations: we believe that community education is the real key to promoting health and happiness.

MEDRIX and the Center for Preventative Medicine of Thua Thien-Hue Province in Central Vietnam are parents-attend-workshop-at-phu-xuan-preschoolcommitted to providing community outreach and education efforts into the most rural villages in order to stop waterborne illnesses and emergency situations. We pair our education workshops with installation of safe water systems to create an immediate change in the communities that need it most. Throughout August and early September, we’ve been sponsoring workshops throughout Thua Thien-Hue Province for parents and community members to learn more about how to prevent disease, illness and how to treat emergency situations such as drowning and learning CPR.

Our dedicated partners Dr. Tu and Dr. Thao have been facilitating the workshops, creating relationships dr-thao-joins-the-lunch-with-the-children-at-phong-chuong-preschoolwith many parents, and as you’ll see below, having some fun as well! Relationships like these are key to cultivating trust within the community and creating long-term change: parents will be more trusting, and invite MEDRIX and our partners to hold more workshops in the future. Ultimately, this most benefits young kids like the ones pictured in this report as they grow up making healthy choices. Their parents also will have new knowledge of hygiene, sanitation and how to help kids in the community by implementing CPR when needed. This education creates a cycle of sustainability that will change the face of health in these villages for generations to come.

We’ve included some great pictures in this report to give you, our generous donors, an inside look on the education efforts made in rural communities. Next up will be the installation of 31 safe water systems right before school starts again! All of these things wouldn’t be possible without you! Our supporters make a real difference in these communities in Central Vietnam, and the impact will continue far into the future. We sincerely thank you for partnering with MEDRIX to benefit kids and families in Vietnam!

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